Curry County Fair

2017 Curry County Fair

Five Days of Fun!

August 15 – 19, 2017


Tuesday, August 15th

Food Bank Night – 2 cans of food – wristband for $25

Dog Agility Show & Pet Costume Contest

Wednesday, August 16th

Dollar Ride Night

Military Appreciation Meal

Team Roping

Little Miss Curry County Pageant

Thursday, August 17th

Thrifty Nickel Day – 4 wristbands for $80 with coupon

Will Banister – Pavilion

Stefani Montiel – Events Center

Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution – Events Center

Special Needs Day Activities

Little Buckaroo Rodeo

Friday, August 18th

Coby Carter – Events Center

Karaoke Contest – Pavilion

Junior Livestock Sale

Salsa Contest

Saturday, August 19th

Keize Montoya – Pavilion

Flatland Cavalry – Events Center

Kyle Park – Events Center

17th Annual Great American Turtle Race

Youth Day Activities

Southwest Cheese Truck Pull

Southwest Cheese “Cut the Cheese” Contest

Old Timer Celebration

Stingray Encounter – Open daily at the Entertainment Slab!

Bubble Tower & Stilt Party – open daily at the Oldest House in Curry County!

Whitley Acres Petting Zoo & Bucking Cow Train – open Wednesday through Saturday!

Will Banister – Indoor Pavilion – Wednesday 8PM

Stefani Montiel – Events Center – Thursday 8PM

Ruben Ramos – Events Center – Thursday (following Stefani Montiel)

Coby Carter – Events Center – Friday 10PM (following Jr. Livestock Sale)

Flatland Cavalry – Events Center – Saturday 8PM

Kyle Park – Events Center – Saturday (following Flatland Cavalry)

Keize Montoya – Indoor Pavilion – Saturday 8PM

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